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UX Design || 2021


One of my capstone projects for the DesignLab UX Academy was adding a new feature to an existing app. This was probably the fun and challenging project I got to do as it really forced me to take many things I had learned into consideration while evaluating various websites and apps. While it was easy to find many apps that could use improving, finding an app that I use on a regular basis and conceptualizing a new feature wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. After talking with different friends, I came to recognize that there is a glaring feature missing from the Robinhood app: peer to peer crypto trading.

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity every day and is becoming a more widely accepted form of payment. While crypto is more secure than other forms of currency, Robinhood doesn't allow users to trade, sell or gift it like normal currency. I spoke with various Robinhood users about the level of interest they might have in being able to trade crypto through the app and was blown away by the number of people that would be interested in having the feature become a reality. So, here's looking at you, Robinhood!

*This is a hypothetical feature design - this feature does NOT exist within the Robinhood App.


Research Methods: competitive analysis, user interviews, user surveys

Define: project goals, feature roadmap

Ideation: task flow, user flow, wireframes

Design: high-fidelity wireframes

Test: prototype, usability testing, affinity map, priority revisions
My role(s):
UX researcher
UX designer

User Experience

Site Map:
Main Task Flow:

User Persona



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