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Payden Mobile
Web Design

UX Design || 2022


Payden & Rygel Investment Management is one of the largest privately-owned global investment advisers. Founded in 1983, Payden & Rygel is  a leader in the active management of fixed income and equity portfolios, through domestic and international solutions. Advising the world's leading institutions and individual investors, they provide strong performance and real-world strategies on the global economy and capital markets.

For this project, I was asked to team up with a couple of designers to redesign the Payden & Rygel site. The other designers and I collaborated throughout the entire process to reshape the feel and experience with a major focus on UX. After we established our goals, and the UI was set, I was responsible for the mobile experience. It was such a pleasure working with some great designers on a project in a new to me industry.


Define: project goals, feature roadmap

Design: high-fidelity wireframes

Test: prototype, usability testing, affinity map, priority revisions
My role(s):
UX designer


home page - mobile version – 2.png
home page - mobile version.png
home page - mobile version – 1.png
Point of view detail page - mobile version – 3.png
Chart of the week detail page - mobile version – 4.png
RTS 28 Disclosure - all closed - mobile version – 5.png
RTS 28 Disclosure - fund opened - mobile version – 6.png
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