Pizza Morte
Ceramic Mugs

UI/UX Design || 2021



Pizza Morte is the brainchild of world-renowned ceramicist Miles Nieslon, most well-known for his work at Munktiki. Based out of Astoria, OR, Pizza Morte is a new project for Miles focused around his highly sought-after pizza skull ceramic mugs. The website will allow customers to place custom orders with “toppings” of their choosing, which Miles will then make by hand to order. The overall image of the brand, and subsequently the website, is very edgy and a little dark considering the subject matter. Having a website will allow Miles to reach a larger audience for this new project and help him expand his every growing business.

For this project I was tasked with creating branding for Pizza Morte in addition to a fully responsive e-commerce website that allows customers to create and buy custom mugs that are made to order.

*Pizza Morte's website is currently in development and should be launched later in 2021.


Research methods: competitive analysis, secondary research, user interviews

Define: project goals, feature roadmap

Ideation: task flow, user flow, wireframes

Design: mood board, branding, UI kit, high-fidelity wireframes

Test: prototype, usability testing, affinity map, priority revisions
My role(s):
UX researcher
UI designer
UX designer

User Experience

Site Map:
Main Task Flow:


Competitive Analysis:
This was a unique project for a competitive analysis based on the fact that the goal was to create something that combines the design and overall feel of a pizza restaurant with the expected functionality of a ceramic mug producer's website.
process-deliverables-by-chip-mclaughlin copy.jpg
User Persona:
User Interviews:
The goal for conducting user interviews was to find out how they would navigate a pizza website. Since the core concept of the site is e-commerce, it was more important to give the overall impression of a pizza website that also allowed the user to still purchase their mug. It was interesting to see how the different ways users go about ordering pizzas which afforded me the ability to really create a user flow that accounted for a number of variables based on my research findings.




This was a great project to bring to life. Creating such a unique product really pushed me to find some creative solutions that helped bring the overall vision together. The conversations that I had with users both during the research phase and the usability testing phase were critical in shaping the direction of this project as e-commerce is always going allow the user a certain amount of freedom to choose which path they want to go down compared to information based sites that kind of have the path laid out for you. I'm so happy with how this all came together and can't wait for the development for it to be finished!

Below you'll find a video walkthrough of the website. Cheers!